Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sorry I haven't blogged lately.....

Thank you all for your concerns and good wishes, and the kitties thank you for your comments on their holiday attire!!

I have been incredibly SWAMPED at work with year-end adjustments for W-2s, people scrambling to make changes to their 401K contributions due to the economy, raises, promotions, you name it - a lot of which I've been doing at home just to keep up. Add to that construction workers ripping out my vented natural gas fireplace, which was energy deficient, allowing cold air to come in to the house, to be replaced by a vent-free natural gas fireplace. Trying to get Christmas cards done (I have started!) and the everyday stuff that needs to get done, I am soooooo far behind on both reading my favorite blogs and finishing my next installment of my loony life, I'm just a tad overwhelmed!

The anti-depressant is finally kicking in & I'm feeling a lot better, although they do make me feel tired, and it's helping me cope with the feeling of being so overwhelmed.

On the bright side, while I haven't spoken to my normal GYN, another doctor in the group read my biopsy results to me, and in his opinion, the first two are within normal ranges, nothing to worry about. The third is a something-or-other "Type 1", which he says, they don't really see as worrisome. Had it been a Type 2 or Type 3, there would be cause for concern and probably would result in having to go through laser surgery to remove the cells in that area. He said that I should feel relieved

So.... onto the rest of my very hectic work week. Thank you all again for your concerns, and hopefully I'll be back to my favorite blog readings and blogging again - time off for the holidays should give me some extra time to catch up!!


CancunCanuck said...

Joanne, glad to hear the anti depressants are kicking in, from experience, they do work. The side effects will diminish over time, if they don't, talk to the doc about a change in prescription. Good news from the gyno, always a worrisome thing.

Hope life keeps getting better. :)

Vee said...

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, JoAnne. We'll still be here when you have time to catch up!

Life's a Beach! said...

Great to hear from you Jo! As CC said, the side effects will diminish until you don't notice anything! I was having a horrible problem with restless legs and that's almost gone now. Sometimes when life is SO stressful, a lot of us need something to get us through it! Glad everything checked out okay!


jeanie said...

Please don't stress out about not blogging Jo. Like Vee said...we'll be here whenever you are. I couldn't imagine life without my SSRI.

Doug (aka Doogan) said...

JoAnne, good to hear you are feeling much better. They can't keep a good girl down.
You take one day at a time and don't fret about what you haven't had time to do.